10 tips for an interview to impress employers

One candidate out of forty interviews will be considered for a vacant position in the Lebanese market. The problem as we all know is not in the quality of job seekers but in the quality of the interviews. Definitely we’ll be looking at both sides the employer and the job seeker weaknesses, but using these tips as a job seeker will provide you the power and the wisdom to succeed any interview for any vacant position.

Starting with the weaknesses of the employers especially people doing the interviews, we can see a lot of weak points including the quality of the recruiter himself. Recruiters doing interviews in Lebanon most of them are business owners, CEOs, recruiters, Human resources managers, and when filtered will remain few of them who are able to do a professional business interview.

Why? most of them regardless to how they were trained to do the interviews don’t know that they should sit on a round table instead of behind the desk, they should sit on a chair with the same height as the job seeker chair, they should start with open question and close with closed questions, they should start with the job seeker at ease to make a lovely soft atmosphere, as they should be well prepared before any interview. On the other hand what abou the job seekers?

The job seekers should also be prepared, as I’ll be giving the most impressing tips for you to manager employers and get the best out of you to impress employers and get any job you want.

The first thing to do is to always dress for the occasion, always dress formal. The second thing to do is to get well prepared about the company itself and the vacant position they have, being prepared and knowing about the vacant position will make employers impressed about how careful you are and how professional you are to know everything about the interview before the interview. Tip number three is to stay cool and relaxed, talk slowly and softly, keep a smile every now and then, stay formal, never ever make jokes or laugh out loudly. Tip number four is to be prepared about an introduction about you that will be a plus for the vacant position they have. Tip number five, never ever badmouth anyone on the contrary stay positive and relaxed. Tip number six, make sure you use examples and emotions by stressing on the “Why” instead of “how” and “what”. Tip number seven, make sure you negotiate short sentences and concise never overdo it in discussions. Tip number eight; focus on what the vacant position is and not on what you want or what you know. Tip number nine, never go first about your salary. Tip number 10, ask questions before you leave an interview, you have to show that you care, try to assign a date that you will call for follow up.

At the end of the day after practicing all of this the second part is on the employer, but if you do all of the above professionally I can guarantee your success for finding a job faster.

Now good luck, and happy interview.

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